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SFX & Atmospheres Bundle

SFX & Atmospheres Bundle

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The SFX & Atmospheres Bundle from Glitchedtones features 24 Full Sample Packs with a total of 3039 files.

You save 30% compared to purchasing each library seperately!

From glitched-out future computers to dark, ominous atmospheres, these libraries feature organic elements, analogue source material and extreme digital processing for a blend of the familiar and the experimental side of sound design.

Think Dystopian environments, unexplored Science Fiction spaces, unsettling Horror ambiences, signals gone awry, abstract textures and harsh walls of noise!

Please note: Due to the huge size of this bundle - over 12GB - you will receive a PDF file with links to 3 zip files for an easier download process.

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Abstract Sound Design – Abstract atmospheres and SFX

Atmosfear – Unsettling, horror soundscapes

Bass Weight: Low End Elements – Sub-heavy oneshots

Data Destruction – Extreme digital noise and databent audio

Data Disruption – Extreme digital noise and databent audio

Dreamstates – Abstract ambient elements

Drones – Raw, unique drones

Electromagnetic Field – EMF transmissions

Feedback Loop FX & Atmospheres – Experimental No-Input Mixer noise

Glitches – Glitch FX

Granular Textures – Unique cinematic textures

Harsh Noise – Harsh noise textures

High Frequency Feedback Loops – Harsh, piercing analogue noise

Impact – Solid impacts

Noise Elements: Electrical & Interference – Noise production elements

Paranormal – Eerie synthesized tones, ominous drones, abstract textures and ghostly vocals

Process Malfunction – Science Fiction computer glitch

Retro Video Game FX – Authentic 8-bit chip sounds

Scare Tactics – Horror productions toolkit

Scene Switch: Transitions & Textures – Sound elements for cutaways, wipes, time shifts or any kind of motion change

Signal Interference – Broken communications and signal interruptions

User Interface – Interface blips, clicks and bleeps

Whooshes & Transitions – Sound design fundamental elements

Zombie – Horrific vocal sounds

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