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In a remote research lab in the north-east of England, scientists have been secretly carrying out experiments on a number of human test subjects. There is no record of what these experiments entailed or who authorized them, but one thing we do know is that something went horrendously wrong and transformed these once-innocent, everyday people into something else entirely... Something inherently evil.

Herein lies an audio documentation of these wretched beasts as they run amok with only one thing on their minds... To feed and to destroy.

Zombie contains 205 vocal sounds in the following categories:

Subject A: 67 raw unprocessed vocal sounds

Subject B: 89 raw unprocessed vocal sounds

Subject C: Zombie Brat: 18 raw unprocessed vocal sounds

Processed: 27 vocal sounds with pitch down and reverb fx

Layered: 4 layered, looping sequences of Subject A & B


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