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LIMITED STORE EXCLUSIVE | 50 Pack Elite Beatmaker Collection - Save £840.51!

LIMITED STORE EXCLUSIVE | 50 Pack Elite Beatmaker Collection - Save £840.51!

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Introducing the "Elite Beatmaker Collection" - Your Epic Sonic Odyssey Awaits!

Prepare to embark on an unparalleled musical journey with the Elite Beatmaker Collection, a monumental bundle that redefines music production. Featuring 50 high-quality packs that transcend genre boundaries, including Lo-Fi, Trap, Hip Hop, Drill, and an extensive array of Sound Effects, this exclusive collection is a beacon for producers seeking sonic excellence. Boasting a staggering 6,127 meticulously crafted samples and an impressive 1,109 MIDI files, the Elite Beatmaker Collection is an unmissable masterpiece of epic proportions.

The Ultimate in Sonic Diversity:

Within the Elite Beatmaker Collection, you'll discover a vast spectrum of premium samples that breathe life into your creations:

  • Drums that Bang: Command the beat with thunderous drums that pack a punch and groove with unparalleled precision.
  • Basslines that Roar: Feel the earth-shaking power of basses that redefine low-end frequencies, giving your tracks the foundation they deserve.
  • Chords that Harmonize: Craft intricate chord progressions that tug at the heartstrings of your listeners, creating unforgettable moments.
  • Leads that Shine: Evoke emotion with searing leads that cut through the mix, guiding your melodies to new heights.
  • Melodies that Enchant: Inspire with enchanting melodies that captivate the soul, creating an immersive sonic experience.
  • Vocals that Tell Stories: Add depth and narrative to your compositions with evocative vocal samples that resonate with authenticity.
  • MIDI Magic: Unleash your creative genius with 1,109 MIDI files, allowing you to tailor your music to perfection, all at the touch of your fingertips.

A Goldmine of Creative Possibilities:

The Elite Beatmaker Collection isn't just a bundle; it's a producer's sanctuary, an irreplaceable source of inspiration and innovation. With access to over 6,000 samples and over a thousand MIDI files, the creative possibilities are limitless. Whether you're crafting emotive Lo-Fi tunes, producing hard-hitting Trap bangers, or experimenting with Drill beats, the Elite Beatmaker Collection provides you with the tools to bring your musical visions to life.

Unlock the Sound of Mastery:

This exclusive collection delivers a standard of quality that is simply unparalleled. The Elite Beatmaker Collection is your key to immediate mastery, allowing you to create music that stands out from the rest.

Don't miss out on this exceptional opportunity. Secure your access to the Elite Beatmaker Collection today and elevate your productions to a level of sonic mastery that will leave your audience in awe. Your epic sonic odyssey begins now!


  • Samples 6127
  • MIDI 1109
  • Total Files 7236

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Anime Beach Vocals

Anime Vocals Vol. 1

Anime Vocals Vol. 2


Chill Guitar

Chill Synths

City Drill


Computer SFX

Cosmic Soul

Crying In The Rain


Death Trap



Fire Drill

Flute Loops

Game Over

Goth Trap

Haunted SFX


Hot Synths

Jazz Cafe

Lo-Fi Dreams

Lo-Fi Forest

Lo-Fi Hip Hop

Lo-Fi Magic

Lo-Fi Nights

Lo-Fi Waves

Lonely Lo-Fi

Lost SFX

Lucid Dreams




Phantom Trap

Platinum Piano






Trap Leads Vol. 1

Trap Leads Vol. 2




Voice SFX


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