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Future Samples

Lo-Fi Magic

Lo-Fi Magic

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Explore the magical world of lo-fi hip hop with this collection of melody loops and anime inspired Japanese female vocal phrases from Future Samples.

This collection features 40 unique melody loops and 30 Japanese vocal phrases.

Everything in this sample pack is inspired by magic, from the composition of the loops to the meaning behind the vocals.

Including wobbly melodies, dusty keys, & crackling vinyl textures. Melancholy piano loops that sound wistful and nostalgic.

We've included a translation guide which shows you the English & Japanese text for each of the vocal phrases. This way, you'll know the meaning behind each sample.

Here's an example:

  1. this place is magical - ここは魔法のような場所
  2. we’re going to the spirit world! - 精霊界に行くよ!
  3. come with me, i’ll show you my secrets - 私と一緒に来て、秘密を見せてあげる
  4. don’t worry, i won’t cast any spells on you - 心配しないで、呪文をかけたりしない から
  5. i’ve been dreaming about this place! - ここは、私が 夢見てた場所!
  6. there are spirits everywhere in this world, but they are invisible to most people - 精 霊たちはこの世界のあらゆるところにいるけど、大抵な人はそれが見えないの
  7. are you saying that i’m cursed!? - 私が呪われているっていうの!?
  8. close your eyes and imagine where you want to go... - 目を閉じて、行きたい場所 を想像して...
  9. when i saw you flying like that, i thought i was still dreaming - あんな風に飛んでる姿 を見て、夢を見ているかと思った
  10. we must try and find the sacred crystal - 聖なる水晶を見つけなければ

    All loops are key labeled and range from 70-80 BPM.

    All MIDI files are included for maximum creative flexibility!

    What's inside?

    Download contains:


    • 40 Melody loops
    • 30 Vocal phrases


    • 40 MIDI files

    Tech Specs:

    • Size: 238 MB
    • Format: WAV 24bit 44.1 kHz / Windows & Mac

    Our samples are 100% Royalty-Free and compatible with any DAW.

    *this is a digital product

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