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LIMITED STORE EXCLUSIVE | Ultimate Serum Production Suite - Save Over £370.00!

LIMITED STORE EXCLUSIVE | Ultimate Serum Production Suite - Save Over £370.00!

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Glitchedtones Store Exclusive - You won't find this bundle anywhere else!

***Offer ends 8th September Midnight GMT***

Introducing the Ultimate Serum Production Suite: Your Passport to Diverse Sonic Realms

Unlock a universe of captivating and immersive sound with the Ultimate Serum Production Suite, a meticulously curated collection of 25 Serum preset packs by Patchmaker. Crafted to perfection, this extraordinary bundle encompasses a myriad of genres, ranging from nostalgia-inducing Synthwave and Vaporwave to enigmatic Witch House, soulful Phonk, introspective Lo-Fi, ethereal Ambient, adrenaline-pumping Future Bass, and the grandeur of Cinematic.

Each preset pack is a testament to Patchmaker's commitment to excellence, delivering unparalleled sonic possibilities that transcend traditional boundaries. Dive into the retro-futuristic landscapes of Synthwave, where pulsating arpeggios, lush pads, and shimmering leads evoke a sense of 80s nostalgia that is both unmistakable and irresistible. Transport yourself to the hazy and dreamlike realm of Vaporwave, where glitchy textures, warped synths, and lo-fi atmospheres create a truly unique sonic tapestry.

Feel the gritty and raw energy of Phonk as it blends modern production techniques with vintage charm, conjuring an urban soundscape that's as authentic as it is captivating. Indulge in the laid-back vibes of Lo-Fi, where crackling vinyl noise, soothing chords, and dusty beats inspire moments of introspection and relaxation. Immerse yourself in the dark and enigmatic aura of Witch House, where haunting melodies, eerie effects, and experimental tones redefine electronic music boundaries.

Elevate your compositions with the lush and expansive soundscapes of Ambient, as gentle swells, delicate textures, and evocative sound design brings emotions beyond words. Surge into the future with the pulsating energy of Future Bass, where vibrant leads, dynamic chords, and powerful basslines fuse into an electrifying sonic experience. Lastly, experience the cinematic grandeur that the Ambient and Cinematic packs provide, allowing you to score scenes and emotions with orchestral swells, dramatic percussion, and evocative motifs.

Whether you're a seasoned producer or a curious explorer of sound, the Ultimate Serum Production Suite offers a treasure trove of inspiration and creative potential. Elevate your music production, evoke emotions, and create unforgettable sonic landscapes that defy convention. Don't miss this chance to own a symphony of presets that span across eight mesmerizing genres – your journey into unparalleled sonic territories starts here.

Included Products

  • AGONY for Serum
  • Brazilian Phonk for Serum
  • COVEN for Serum
  • Cyberpunk for Serum
  • Cyberwave for Serum
  • Darksynth for Serum
  • Darksynth II for Serum
  • Darksynth III for Serum
  • ELEMENTS - Chillwave Soundset for Serum
  • HELL for Serum
  • LO-FI Ambient Pads for Serum
  • LO-FI Electronica for Serum
  • LO-FI Hip-Hop & Chill for Serum
  • LO-FI Hip-Hop & Chill II for Serum
  • Melodic Phonk for Serum
  • Phonk for Serum
  • PULSAR for Serum
  • Retrowave for Serum
  • Sematary for Serum
  • Sugar Future Bass for Serum
  • Synthwave Journey | Serum Presets
  • The Death for Serum
  • The Weekend for Serum
  • Vaporwave for Serum
  • Weekend FM - Serum Presets

Total Presets

  • 1865

Software Requirements

  • Latest version of Serum
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