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UK Residential & Industrial Vol. 1

UK Residential & Industrial Vol. 1

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UK Residential & Industrial contains a diverse offering of exterior suburban sounds captured during field recording sessions by our team of Audio Craftsmen. The sound effects in this library will make a wonderful addition to your collection and are perfect for use in films, documentaries, commercials, and video games. They work well for projects based in the UK, but are equally well-suited to projects with an international setting.

The team journeyed extensively through various suburban environments, recording quiet streets and rows of houses, traffic of differing intensities, parks with children playing and dogs walking, and distant and up-close construction. All sounds were captured in real-world locations to deliver an honest sonic representation of residential areas within the UK.

The included sounds have been precisely edited so that you can simply drop them into your project timeline and are provided dry in 24Bit 96kHz allowing for further sonic manipulation if required. All files are tagged with extensive metadata to allow you to search for and select the desired sound with ease.

Some of the included sounds are: Clock tower bells tolling, birds chirping in a quiet neighbourhood, light traffic passing by, distant hums of a busy construction site, a dog barking in the park and much, much more.


1.71 GB, 24+Files.
Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.
Extensive Metadata Included.


Field recordings from suburban locations captured by our team of audio craftsmen.


Perfect for use in projects with a residential, industrial or construction setting.

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