Toybox: Musical Toys
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Toybox: Musical Toys

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Delve into the Toybox for sounds of Harmonica, Kazoo, Castanet, Egg Shaker, Glockenspiel, Jingle Stick, Maracas, Ocean Drum, Siren Whitle, Tin Whistle, Sleigh Bells, Tambourine, Thunder Tube, Triangles and an unidentified wooden clacker!

Use the Harmonica phrases as old-school comedy car horns, craft your own wind chime soundscape with the Triangles and compose a melody with the multisampled 8 note Glockenspiel. Construct a surreal and unsettling ambience with the Ocean Drum and Thunder Tube or put together rhythmic pieces with a combination of the many percussive elements. This collection of musical toys and percussion instruments offers many possibilities for the creative sound designer.

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