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Steenbeck Vintage Film Editing Desk

Steenbeck Vintage Film Editing Desk

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Moving sounds of a vintage Steenbeck ST901 film editing desk from 1977/78.


  • Number of Files : 23
  • Total Audio Time : 1 hours 56 minutes
  • Type : WAV Stereo & WAV Mono
  • Sample Rate / Bit Rate : 96 kHz / 24 Bit
  • Normalised : No
  • Looped Files : No
  • Single Shot Files : Yes
  • Size : 4.01 GB
  • Metadata : Files are stamped in Soundminer with detailed UCS compliant metadata.
  • Documentation Included : Copyright, EULA, Images, Metadata (exported in multiple formats)
  • License : Single user, non attribution, royalty free
  • Recorder : Sound Devices 633 and Sony PCMD100
  • Sound Devices Mix Pre 10II
  • (X/Y mic configuration) (ORTF mic configuration)
  • Zoom F3
  • Microphones : Sennheiser MKH 8040, DPA 4060, Sony PCM D100 onboard mics, JRF Coil
  • Microphone Configuration : Mono, Boundary Mount, X/Y, Pick Up

These recordings are as close to their original recorded state as possible.

On occasions some recordings might have minimal repair work using Izotope RX advanced. Also on occasion I may use an EQ to roll off any unwanted bottom end frequencies or top end frequencies to remove hiss if present.


These are ambient recordings, intended for use as atmospheric background audio in your project, so it is recommended that you listen to them on a low to medium level on good quality headphones or speakers.

Raising the volume level too high may reveal a small amount of hiss in the recording as a consequence of making the noise floor in the recording more audible.

IMPORTANT : In these recordings there may be some periods of quiet audio and some moments of contrasting loud peaks, so please keep this in mind before cranking up your speakers (or even worse, your headphones).
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