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Sounds of Sweden

Sounds of Sweden

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Welcome to Stockholm, Sweden!

This is a charming city of tolling bells, cobblestones, narrow streets, bridges, quaysides and seagulls has an incredible atmosphere of North Lands.

Weather is constantly changing from snow to rain, winds are heavy, but strong Swedish people are always on the streets. So, we, as always, should not disturb this natural environment and capture it with stealth recording using DPA 4060 microphones.

Take the chance and dive into the attractive sonic atmospheres of North Spirit!


- An excellent addition to your library for film, TV and multimedia – Stockholm in winter time
- Stealth recording with DPA 4060 gives the absolute naturalness and allows you to be where you cannot operate with a traditional set of microphones
- Sorted by location-type categories
- All files have extensive metadata included

Number of Files: 53
Time: 03 hrs / 06 min / 24 sec
File type: .wav / .zip
Size Unpacked: 3 Gb
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit Stereo
Gear Used: Sound Devices MixPre-6, DPA 4060 Stereo
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