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Polarity Studio

Shaman [Dark Afro House Samples]

Shaman [Dark Afro House Samples]

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Introducing Polarity Studio – Shaman [Dark Afro House Grooves] a captivating sample pack that delves deep into the enchanting world of dark afro house music. Designed to infuse your productions with an aura of mystery and tribal allure, this pack offers a plethora of high-quality sounds that will ignite your creativity and transport your listeners to otherworldly realms.

Equipment Used:

To craft these mesmerizing sounds, we harnessed the power of top-notch analog and virtual synthesizers. The Behringer Deepmind 12, with its rich and warm analog tones, adds an organic touch to the ethereal melodies and haunting pads found throughout the pack. The Nord Lead A1, known for its versatility and expressive capabilities, brings forth hypnotic arpeggios and otherworldly leads that will elevate your compositions.


Arturia’s classic synths have played a pivotal role in creating a collection of unique sounds that capture the essence of dark afro house. Drawing from iconic synths like the MiniMoog, Jupiter-8, and Prophet-5, we’ve crafted a selection of custom patches that deliver both vintage charm and modern sophistication. These VSTs take your sonic palette to new heights, allowing you to sculpt intricate soundscapes that enthrall your listeners.


In the rhythm department, we’ve taken inspiration from the timeless power of the Roland TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines. Classic 808 and 909 drum samples lay the foundation for your grooves, while custom-crafted drum hits add a contemporary edge, perfectly tailored to fit the dark afro house genre. Expect deep, pounding kicks, crisp snares, and hypnotic percussion that will keep the dancefloor entranced.

Content Highlights:

Enigmatic Basslines: From pulsating sub-basses to gritty, resonant tones, these basslines are designed to drive the energy of your tracks while maintaining a dark and mysterious vibe.

Mystical Melodies: Haunting pads, bewitching leads, and captivating arpeggios bring an otherworldly dimension to your compositions, perfect for building enchanting atmospheres.

Tribal Grooves: Immerse yourself in the hypnotic beats of authentic afro-inspired rhythms, fusing traditional percussions with modern production techniques.

Whether you’re producing dark afro house, tribal tech, or any genre in need of an alluring and mystical touch, “Afro Mystique: Dark House Grooves” is your key to unlocking the secrets of ancient rhythms and captivating melodies. Step into the shadows and embark on a sonic journey like no other.

*All files are key and tempo-labeled

Product Details:

  • 10 Drum Loops (Full, No Kick, Top)
  • 10 Basslines
  • 34 Melodic Loops
  • 44 MIDI Files
  • 50 One Shots (Kick, Clap & Snare, Percussion, Hi-Hat, Bass, Synth)
  • 177 WAV Loops & Sounds in total
  • 44,1 kHz/24 Bit

*Other genres that this package may be useful in:

  • Deep House
  • Downtempo
  • Progressive House
  • Tech House
  • Techno
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