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Shakers & Percussion

Shakers & Percussion

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Shakers, maracas and rainsticks are great material for sound design and further processing.

For this library I recorded various ethnic shakers, maracas, rainsticks of different sizes and other unusual esoteric percussion instruments, like Kapel’ (circular shaker) or giant-size custom built rainstick.

These percussion instruments were recorded from various angles, dynamics and with pristine sound quality, which can be further processed, granulated or pitch-mangled to push your sound design boundaries further.

Recorded instruments:

  • African seed pod shaker

  • Gourd maracas

  • Goat toe shaker

  • African seed wrist shaker

  • Cluster bell shaker

  • Kapel’ circular rainstick

  • Rainsticks of different sizes

  • Coconut maracas

  • Ocean Drum

  • Singing frog and etc

What you get:

  • Large collection of different shakers, maracas, rainsticks and exotic percussion

  • Great for further processing and complex soundscapes, music production and sound design

  • Recorded with high-end Sennheiser MS setup and Barcus Berry contact mics in 96Khz/24bit

  • Metadata for search engines, UCS compliant

Number of Files: 155
Number of Sounds: 1500+
Time: 3 hr 38 min – 198 min
File type: .wav / .rar
Size Unpacked: 7.1 Gb
Sample Rate: 96kHz/24bit Stereo
Gear Used: Sound Devices MixPre-6, Sennheiser MKH8040/MKH30, Barcus Berry 4000 stereo pair

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