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Screaming Vol. 1

Screaming Vol. 1

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Screaming is a collection of different types of scream sounds covering everything from funny anime to disturbing horror screams. Unlike other libraries out there, we have recorded a wide variety of male and female screams in specific situations which include: anime screams, warrior screams, screams of a football fan, falling from height, horror screams, screams inside a tunnel and much, much more.

Our Audio Craftsmen recorded performances of our in-house voice artists from various distances. We have captured screams close-miked, from distant perspectives and even shouts and screams from a tunnel which has a haunting natural reverb. These samples were then meticulously edited, meta tagged and made UCS compliant so you can find your desired sounds and drag them straight to your projects effortlessly. All the files are available unprocessed in 192 kHz which gives you a lot of room for sonic manipulation if required (you can pitch and time stretch to create monster voices or high pitched creatures.)

We have used a variety of male and female voices and captured different variations covering almost all types of screams needed for your projects, which saves you from hiring a voice actor.

This library is a great addition to your audio collection and perfect for your anime, video games, films, and TV productions.


608 MB, 232 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 192kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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