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Sacrificial Chants Vol. 1

Sacrificial Chants Vol. 1

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Sacrificial Chants contains a vast collection of demonic chants and whispers in a range of ancient and forgotten languages. These devilish sounds will make a bone-chilling addition to your collection of horror sound effects and will be perfect for use in scenes involving demonic rituals, paranormal events, satanic worship and ancient tribal chants.

Our Audio Craftsmen recorded human vocalisations (male and female) of sinister and unnerving chants with professional voice actors. These recordings have then been purposely processed and manipulated to be as unsettling as possible. The files have been edited for maximum usability and can be dropped straight into your session timeline.

All sounds were recorded in 24Bit 96KHz allowing for further manipulation and experimentation, and contain extensive metadata to make navigating and finding the right sound as simple as possible. Almost all of the sounds are provided dry (without reverb).

Sacrificial Chants is broken up into 6 separate folders, each with its own distinct character voice. These include:

Whispering Witch – An old and cruel witch whispering dark spells in an ancient language.

Dark Wizard – A dark wizard performing summoning chants in a forgotten language.

Evil Nymph – A twisted and demented water nymph that has been turned to the dark side.

Demonic Monk – A religious scholar who is possessed by an evil and cunning demon, speaking bible verses in Latin.

Tribal Shaman – A tribal witch doctor channelling dark spirits and casting a wicked curse upon the enemies of his tribe.

Reptilian – A shapeshifting extra-terrestrial being who invades the minds of her enemies through sinister whispers.


995 MB, 30 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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