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Retrowave for Serum

Retrowave for Serum

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Patchmaker is proud to present “Retrowave for Serum”, suitable for production of Retrowave, Synthwave and other genres with warm analog synths, vintage sounds and futuristic beats.

Combining modern sound design techniques with quintessential 80’s elements like dark basslines, lush synth leads and ambient pads you’ll find all of the production tools you need to bring the sound of the past to your future productions.

Drawing influence from Retrowave/Synthwave artists such as Home, Kavinsky, Perturbator, Mitch Murder and Wice creates a very unique, expertly programmed pack that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Every preset has all macros, so you will be able to tweak them at your own preference and and get better results.

Check out the demo track and grab your copy of “Retrowave for Serum” today!

Pack Contents:
  • 22 Lead
  • 9 Keys
  • 2 Synth
  • 2 Pluck
  • 12 Bass
  • 1 Sequence
  • 9 Pad
  • 4 macros on every preset
Software Requirements:
  • Latest version of Serum
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