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Re Amp (Vol. 1) – Atmospheric Loops

Re Amp (Vol. 1) – Atmospheric Loops

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Atmospheric Loops That Will Take Your Production To The Next Level!

Re Amp (Vol. 1) contains over 30+ Re Amped Atmospheric Loops including Stems & Original Versions with cinematic textures, created by Your Local Musician and Battl Beats, this pack was crafted for music producers that want to add truly original textures to their beats.

Here’s What You’ll Find In The Box

  • 10 Synth Loops + Stems
  • 10 Guitar Loops + Stems
  • 10 Re Amped Melody Loops + Original Versions

These samples were run through some of the most outstanding guitar pedals on the market including:

  • Tube Screamer
  • Boss DD5 Delay
  • Lo-fi Junky by Zvex
  • A collection of Industry Grade Reverbs from TC Electronics

All Synth Loops were also created using a Joel Micro Korg, all sounds were created using 100% Hardware with no additional software mixing.

What Is Re-Amping?

Re-amping is a two-stage process whereby you first record a dry or clean track and then re-record the track afterward by sending the clean tract back through your amps and effects.

By re-amping a sample you can achieve high degrees of ambience in your sounds with relative ease.
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