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Radio Nomad

Radio Nomad

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This is an extended and re-mastered source part of more advanced Radiomorph library.

Shortwave radio is a strange, noisy and constantly changing soundscape, but it can pick up lots of interesting things: whine, fading stations, atmospheric noises, heterodyne, voices in foreign languages from distant broadcasts.

Time of day, location, weather, solar activity, ionosphere - all these things have huge impact to what receiver can pick up.

This affordable library is a great way to add unique, squelchy, noisy, unpredictable LoFi sounds to your arsenal!

Main features:

- 75 sound effects made from eurorack shortwave radio receiver module
- 96khz/24bit quality
- Perfect source of dark, gritty and noisy radio textures for SFX production
- Universal Catalog System (UCS) compliant
- Contains BWF metadata for search engines

Equipment used: Evaton RF Nomad eurorack module, Sound Devices MixPre 6

75 files
78 min / 1 hr 18 min
1.26 Gb
96Khz/24bit Mono
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