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Moscow Exteriors Vol 1: Cold

Moscow Exteriors Vol 1: Cold

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Moscow, Russia in winter and spring time!

Streets, covered with melting snow; people, hurrying with their business; street, cleaning from ice; whistling wet traffic; quiet and loud residential neighborhoods; children playing in the snow; windy parks; cold nights and, then, saving spring; water, dropping from the roofs; singing birds and babbling brooks.

How to convey these things without violating their nature?

One of the ways is a stealth binaural recording using miniature microphones DPA 4060. It gave the sense of naturalness and created a presence effect, that you wouldn’t find in any other library about Russia.


- An excellent addition to your library for film, TV and multimedia
- Moscow in winter and spring time
- Stealth recording with DPA4060 mics gives the absolute naturalness and allows you to be where you can not operate with a traditional set of microphones
- Sorted by seasons and location-type categories.
- All files have extensive metadata included

Number of Files: 144
Duration: 9 hours 8 minutes 30 sec
Size Unpacked: 9.06 GB
Sample Rate: 48kHz/24bit Stereo
Gear Used: DPA 4060 (A-B stereo), SoundDevices MixPre-D
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