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Ludere Kits | Musical Toys Sample Pack

Ludere Kits | Musical Toys Sample Pack

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Ludere is a pack consisting of creative and unique sample kits. What gives Ludere a special sound is the origin of the recordings which came from two different childrens musical toy kits; one wooden and beige, the other plastic and colourful.

With the recorded bells, denden drums, tambourines etc we decided to challenge ourselves to produce and transform these rudimentary sounds into 10 comprehensive kits.The results from this are imaginative and distinctive with kits in the styles of Boombox Hip Hop, Drill / Grime, Lofi, R&B, Trap, Slams, Robotic, Smashed, Future Bass / EDM and ASMR.

Included are both 120 produced samples as well as the 449 dry source samples, so you too can challenge your production skills and sculpt your own signature sounds.

Produced Sounds: 24x Kicks, 24x Snares, 12x Claps / Snaps, 24x Hats, 12x FX / Cymbal, 24x Percussion, 12x Bass / SFX / Transition, 12x Melodic One Shots.

Dry Sounds: 65x Bells, 34x Castanets, 14x Chimebars, 40x DenDen Drums, 42x Guiros, 19x Handbells, 18x Fish, 21x Recorder, 13x Glockenspiel, 14x Harmonica, 15x Rain Cylinder, 31x Shakers, 98x Tambourines, 17x Triangle, 8x Woodblock.
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