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London Train and Tube

London Train and Tube

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All aboard! London Train and Tube is the latest addition to our collection of ambiences recorded in London, UK.

This library features interior and exterior ambient recordings of the London Underground, a train en route to London St. Pancras Station, and the station itself.

Discover the hustle and bustle of the London commute in these detailed recordings, including conductor announcements, platform ambience, passing footsteps, English accents, automatic tube doors, screeching rails, rolling suitcases, engine roars, beeps, bangs, bumps and more!

These sounds are perfect for crafting natural soundscapes of London or British transport and can be used in your films, documentaries and video games. Included recordings of bassy engines and moaning metal rails are also ideal for more abstract genres, such as sci-fi and horror.

Inject verisimilitude into your projects with this collection of immersive sounds!

Our Audio Craftsmen have carefully edited each sound for maximum sonic clarity so that you can drop each sound directly into your project timeline and get down to work with minimal fuss.

All sounds are delivered in 24Bit 96kHz format allowing further sonic manipulation and have been meticulously edited and tagged with extensive UCS compliant metadata for ease of use.


1.42 GB, 23 Files.
Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.
Extensive UCS Metadata Included.


Interior and exterior recordings of London trains and tubes.


Perfect for creating realistic London soundscapes. Can be used for additional abstract or horror sound design.

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