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LO-FI Hip Hop and Trap - Serum & RC-20

LO-FI Hip Hop and Trap - Serum & RC-20

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Patchmaker is very proud to present this incredible collection of Serum & RC-20 patches suitable for LO-FI Hip Hop & Trap production.

Producers searching for the sounds to make not only LO-FI but any other genre like chill hop, future pop, future R&B, electronica, future bass, even dubstep, would benefit from investigating the content of this pack as there are many interesting sounds that would fit different genres.

Inside you will find a ton of organic lofi keys, ambient pads, slightly distorted leads, lofi saws and melodic plucks that will bring your productions to life.

In detail expect to find 126 presets (80 Xfer Serum presets and 46 RC-20 presets) and also 22 bonus MIDI files that were used in the demo.

Every Serum patch has all assigned macros to let you easily tweak and control the parameters of the sound.

At the same time, RC-20 presets are perfect for any kind of sound, while still providing you with complete creative control over the shaping of the sound to fit right into your production.

Check the “magnitude” slider, which is available in every preset. It will help you to quickly automate your sound.

Check out the demo track and grab your copy of “LO-FI Hip Hop & Trap for Serum” today!

Pack Contents
  • 80 Serum Presets
  • 19 Lead
  • 16 Key
  • 17 Synth
  • 6 Pluck
  • 6 Bass
  • 15 Pad
  • 1 SFX
  • 46 RC-20 Presets
  • 22 Bonus MIDI files

Please Note: Drum sounds are not included and for illustrative purposes only.
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