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KTM 250 Enduro Motorbike

KTM 250 Enduro Motorbike

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KTM 250 Enduro Motorbike contains extensive exterior recordings of a 2 stroke 250cc motorcycle captured on a private dirt track in Yorkshire, England. With an amazing collection of driving away and towards, pass bys, extensive foley, extreme revving and stunt sounds in different perspectives, this library gives you that full throttle, pedal to the metal sound that you only get from an experienced rider on their own vehicle. Perfect for use in any project with dirt bikes or motorcycles, or for vehicle sound design.

Our Audio Craftsmen carefully planned and executed a recording session, capturing the essence of the motorbike with both a mono supercardiod mic and a stereo perspective mic for ultimate flexibility (these are provided as separate files). The resulting sound is full frequency, rich and textural, giving the impression of you being right there with the rider. All sounds are provided in 96kHz 24Bit and are perfect for complex vehicle design, being captured in the natural environment of the dirt track. As well as close up sounds, we also recorded some distant drive aways and approaches.

The library also includes sounds of a rider getting on the bike, putting on his helmet, moving the kickstand, pulling the vehicle, starting the engine, turning off the engine etc. and riding away. We made recordings with the rider following our instructions but also let him freestyle ride on some recordings to allow for the most natural and immersive sound effects.

All of the sounds were captured using a RODE NTG3 and a Sony PCM D-100, before being carefully edited and ready to be used straight away in your projects. They can be also be used to represent many different types of racing vehicle due to the nature of the engine being pushed to the limit during recording.


720 MB, 93 Files.

Stereo/Mono WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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