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KINETICS: Cinematic Tension

KINETICS: Cinematic Tension

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Enhance your production with a collection of 130 trailer effects, which includes powerful and textural stingers, whooshes, drones, beds, ambiences, impacts and more. Emphasize tension and create intensive cinematic moments in video games, movies, TV shows and podcasts.

This library was made using various field recordings, which were further processed and designed to add grit, power and impact.

Try these effects in action and your scenes will be overwhelmed with explosive power and tension!

Main features:

  • 130 files/570 sounds
  • 96khz/24bit Stereo
  • Dark cinematic impacts, hits, whooshes, booms, beds and ambiences harvested from various recordings made with contact microphones.
  • Perfect sound source for trailers, games and intense scenes.
  • Extensive Soundminer and BWF metadata for search engines
  • Universal Category System (UCS) compliant
Number of Files: 130 files / 570 sounds
Time: 163 min / 2 hr 43 min
Size: 5.28 Gb
Quality: 96Khz/24bit Stereo
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