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Jump Scares Vol. 3

Jump Scares Vol. 3

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Jump Scares Vol. 3 comprises 100 intense horror impacts. This selection of volatile violins, screaming synths, disturbing explosions, deathly distortion, electro-horror and unsettling screams were designed to make your hairs stand on end!

To guarantee your audiences are leaping from their seats, our Audio Craftsmen have carefully designed each sound effect with multiple manipulated layers. Sources such as human voices, synthesis, violins, electromagnetic waves and more were meticulously manipulated to form each gut-churning impact.

Add some terror and suspense to your next horror project with Jump Scares Vol. 3!

Sounds have been separated into the following categories:

Deathly Distortion: Highly distorted sounds intended to alarm and devastate.

Disturbing Explosion: Bassy, banging impacts for larger-than-life terror.

Electro-Horror: Glitchy, strident scares perfect for discomfiting audiences from head to toe.

Screaming Synths: Wailing, grating scares made from synthesised sounds.

Unsettling Screams: Human voices layered and distorted for a terrifying effect.

Volatile Violins: Heart-clenching impacts designed around the classic horror instrument.

All sounds were recorded in 24Bit 192kHz, and have been tagged with extensive UCS metadata for ease of use.


182 MB, 100 FILES

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 192kHz.

Extensive UCS Compliant Metadata Included.

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