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Jump Scares Vol. 2

Jump Scares Vol. 2

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Jump scares Vol. 2 contains 101 terrifying sound effects, featuring blood boilers, hair raisers, skin crawlers and heart stoppers and disturbing synths guaranteed to make your audience leap from their seats.

Our Audio Craftsmen have hand made each sound effect with multiple layers to bring you a truly blood-curdling experience. From analogue synth manipulations to heavily distorted violins – each and every one of these atmospheric impacts will bring you a distinct, gruesome flavour to your next horror project.

Sounds have been separated into the following categories:

Blood Boilers: 20 disturbing scares made by pushing distortion plugins to their maximum limits.

Hair Raisers: 20 horrifying impacts designed to elicit a physical reaction from your audiences.

Disturbing Synths: 21 disorienting sounds built from manipulations of analogue synth recordings.

Skin Crawlers: 20 atmospheric horror sounds perfect for triggering fight or flight systems in your viewers.

Heart Stoppers: 20 varied impact sounds designed to give your audience a heavy hit to the heart.

All sounds were recorded in 24Bit 192kHz, and have been tagged with extensive UCS metadata for ease of use.


247 MB, 101 FILES

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 192kHz.

Extensive UCS Compliant Metadata Included.

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