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Jump Scares

Jump Scares

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Jump scares contains a large array of horrifying sound effects, featuring monster growls, weird screams, horror risers and stingers, Lo-Fi sounds and heavy slasher impacts, all guaranteed to make your audience jump from their seats.

‘Jump scares’ are a common horror movie storytelling tool used to surprise the audience. It is a moment in a film where the soundtrack becomes quiet and the audience is shocked by a sudden dreadful event combined with a horrifically loud sound effect.

To bring you this terrifying library, our Audio Craftsmen recorded human voices, abstract instruments, metal and glass impacts. We then designed and edited them so that you can drop them straight into your horror projects.
The movies which inspired us were: Halloween, Saw, The Final Destination and The Conjuring. There are a total of 100 carefully crafted sounds which can be used in your, video games and other projects focused in the horror genre. All sounds are available in 24Bit 96KHz, allowing for further manipulation.

The library includes five sections:

Slasher Knives: A collection of sudden horror impact sounds designed from low frequencies, which gives the audience a heavy hit to the heart. A perfect complement for your slasher characters.

Mangled Screams: This category consists of terrifyingly loud and weird screams designed from human voices. These piercing and bone-chilling sounds will truly raise the fear factor of your projects.

Monster Growls: This folder contains bizarre growls and screams of monsters designed from vocalizations combined with gory foley. Perfect for scenes involving weird creatures, cannibals, and hungry monsters.

Musical Stingers: This section consists of atonal horror risers and stingers designed from string instruments. These are perfect for creating a tense, horrific atmosphere in your projects.

Radioactive Distortions: A vast collection of gut-wrenching, manipulated sounds built from manipulating recordings and pushing distortion plugins to their maximum limits. These are perfect for bizarre and disturbing scenes.

345 MB, 100 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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