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Intense Trailer Elements

Intense Trailer Elements

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Intense Trailer Elements contains a highly curated selection of designed audio elements using the most up-to-date trends and techniques for building captivating and truly unique trailer sound design.

Made in collaboration with Matias Cervino, our Audio Craftsmen thoughtfully captured, manipulated, and designed a plethora of 250+ sounds including dramatic braams, metallic pings, colossal impacts, futuristic atmospheric events and more. Use individually or layer to create soundscapes out of this world and bring new levels of thrill and tension to your trailer sound design.

To capture such a wide array of sounds, our Audio Craftsmen and Matias used a variety of equipment ranging from typical directional microphones to experimental electromagnetic receivers, recording a weird and wonderful collection of items such as seashells, radiators, shovels, typewriters, various metal objects, hand drums, analogue synthesizers and even a thunder tube. Producing 250+ ear-opening designed sounds spanning from colossal hits to thrilling braams and much, much more. All files come in 24bit 96kHz allowing for further manipulation and can be dropped into your timeline individually or combined to create extraordinary moments of sound design for your trailers.


1.35 GB, 257+Files.

Stereo/Mono WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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