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Haunting Ambiences Vol. 3

Haunting Ambiences Vol. 3

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Haunting Ambiences Vol. 3 is the direct successor to one of our most popular horror sound effects libraries. This product contains dense, multilayered construction kits, everything you need to build a world around your horror scenes with separated stems.

Our Audio Craftsmen captured creepy ambiences and sounds from the cellblock where a couple of notorious killers (The Moors Murderers) were held at The Old Courthouse, Manchester. We captured various ambiences, creaky cell doors, metal bangs, vocalisations from multiple voice actors and much, much more. All of the sounds were then meticulously edited and designed to make 10 construction kits including a mental asylum, vampire’s prison, gas chamber, experimental lab, underground prison, haunted ship prison etc.

These dense ambiences include split stems with the same running length to encourage experimentation, allowing you to add or subtract certain elements, balance them or combine them with sounds from other construction kits in the pack. In addition, all of the files are available in 24Bit 192kHz with extensive UCS compliant metadata to integrate seamlessly with your workflow.

This bundle is perfect for use in your films, documentaries, video games, escape room/live experiences and other horror/sci-fi projects.


13.4 GB, 69+ Files, 200+ Mins.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 192kHz.

Extensive UCS compliant metadata included.

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