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Haunting Ambiences Vol. 2

Haunting Ambiences Vol. 2

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Haunting Ambiences Vol. 2 is brought to you as the successor to one of our fastest selling Sound Effects Libraries to date, made in collaboration with recordist Georgi Valchev from West Wolf. This sequel contains a complete arsenal of every horror ambience you will need to build film, tv, escape room and video game scenes, from squealing farm animals to haunted ancient tombs. We have included an array of 20 dense, multilayered construction kits, to design the soundtrack of your deepest, darkest nightmares.

Our dedicated team of Audio Craftsmen scoured menacing shipyards, abandoned mansions and forgotten forests within some of the most frightening locations across Eastern Europe to bring you this extensive library of authentic horror textures.

All of the sound recordings have undergone meticulous editing from our in-house team, and are provided to you here as stems (many are fully dry). This allows you to fully take control of your sound design, by using plugin effects alongside further elements and processing. Perfect for horror films, escape room/live experiences and video games; all sounds are available in 96kHz, 24bit with the same running length, so that you can easily mix and match the sounds to your liking.

Here are the included Construction Kits:

After the Apocalypse: Deep tones, low and heavy rumbles, metal creaks, jackhammer

sounds and subtle, hissing winds after an apocalypse.

Arctic Military Base: Harsh polar winds, echoes, reverberant metal hits and industrial

sounds from a military base in the Arctic.

At The Docks: Harsh ocean waves, booming impacts, sinister ocean winds and much more.

Caverns & Creatures: Deep thuds and winds in a cavern, groans and moans of weird creatures and beasts etc.

City of Rabid Dogs: Creepy wind, violent dogs, screaming distortions, industrial atmos and ambiences of empty old buildings.

Creeky Shipyard: Ominous metal movements and echoes of boats and ships, machinery and windy ambiences of an abandoned shipyard.

Descent Into The Underworld: Dark groans and growls, heavy echoes and strange and distorted winds of the underworld.

Evil Pig Farm: Distant machinery, strong winds hitting barns, creepy farmyard ambiences, wild boars and pigs eating, squealing and snorting etc.

Haunted Clock Tower: Old clock tower echoes, deep and creepy winds, intense metal groans and rumbles.

Haunted Fairground: Horrific metal ambiance, deep and harsh chilling winds, wind whistling through, metal pipes, creaking ropes, and much more.

Haunted Radio Tower: Distorted radio signals, a low rumble of underground activity, wooden creaks and heavy wind blowing through an abandoned radio tower.

Hiding From Godzilla: Metal rumbles, monster groans, empty tunnels and building ambiances, low rumbles and distant destruction sounds.

Industrial Atmosphere: Industrial rumbles, factory hums, wind echoing through the factory, heavy engines and mechanical ambiences.

Into The Mine Shaft: Creaky elevators, machinery hums, chain clinks and deep ambiences of a mine shaft.

Metal Works: Creepy wind blowing through metal, metal works, low industrial rumbles, water dripping and spraying on metal etc.

Night In The Mountains: Strange birds, water running in a cave, echoing and whistling winds, deep rumbles of landslides and much more.

Pharaoh’s Tomb: Creepy howling winds, echoey metal scrapes and heavy subterranean in an ancient tomb, desert winds, wind flowing down the tomb entrance, opening the tomb door etc.

The Forgotten Jungle: Strange and creepy animal, weird creature calls and echoes, an animal scratching its claws, dense rainforest ambience, cave water running etc.

The Lighthouse: Heavy door creaks, deep ocean drones, storm, water bubbling and splashing, underwater atmos and much more.

Undead Pirate Ship: Low rumbles below the deck, metal and wood groans, chain and metallic echoes, water dripping, stormy winds, and other ambiences of a haunted pirate ship.


11.7 GB, 121+ Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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