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Gora: Immersive Atmospheres | 100 presets for Vital

Gora: Immersive Atmospheres | 100 presets for Vital

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Gora is the collection of sounds for Vital synthesiser. It shares some similarities with Mare sound pack but is focused more on darker side of sounds. You will find a lot of sci-fi soundscapes, complex textures and organic/cinematic pads in this sound bank.

Useful for anyone who want to expand their cinematic sounds collection. Presets are highly customisable and you can derive a lot of your own sounds just by tweaking macro controls.


  • 100 sounds for Vital synthesiser
  • All macros and mod wheel assigned for extensive customisation of sound

System Requirements

  • Vital 1.5.5 by Vital Audio
  • .vitalbank format
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