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Flesh, Bones & Gore Vol. 1

Flesh, Bones & Gore Vol. 1

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Flesh, Bones & Gore is a collection of gruesome gore sounds including heavy chopping of body parts with a sword, axe and guillotine, crushing bones, peeling skin, ripping out and squeezing of guts and much, much more.

Our Audio Craftsmen recorded sounds in our dedicated foley suite using vegetables, a variety of meats and other foods. These effects were specifically designed and edited so that you can use them in your horror-thriller projects. All included files are available in 96kHz/24Bit which allows you for further pitch shifting and manipulation.

The library contains six folders:

Bone Cracks: Heavy bone cracks and breaking of fingers.

Gore Impacts: A collection of chopping body parts and impacts with knives and swords as well as beheading sounds with an axe and guillotine.

Guts and Drops: Squeezing and movements of guts and body parts.

Heavy Body Crunch: Loud and heavy body crushing and crunching sounds.

Skin Peel: Brutal skin peeling and ripping sounds including wet and dry variations.

Zombie Bites: Violent and aggressive biting of flesh.


111 MB, 57+ Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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