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Ethernium: Abstract Atmospheres

Ethernium: Abstract Atmospheres

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Ethernium: Abstract Atmospheres
Ethernium is a collection of presets for DRON-E (not included), free ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. It comes in form of Reaktor snapshots - several Reaktor banks, each for one category.

Content included in this library will be useful for composers, sound designers, game developers and anybody who likes to experiment with sounds. Ethernium is all about atmospheric, abstract sounds, drones, soundcapes, textures and weird sound effects. Sounds are oriented towards dark, sci-fi, horror genres and can be used to create music, sound effects and environmental sounds for a game or any other type of media.

Included snapshots can be easily modified thanks to extensive randomization capabilities of DRON-E. In this way user can build custom library of sounds using provided content as a starting point.

Ethernium has been updated, adding sounds in new formats. This update offers 236 samples rendered from original Ethernium Dron-E presets, sound banks for Pigments and Analog Lab V operating on the samples from sample pack with macro controls assigned for sound customisation. Last but not least there is an Ableton Live Pack available that offers several instrument racks for manipulating included samples from Ethernium sample pack that will allow you to generate your own custom soundscapes, drones and various textures

All of the version are available separately or you can get the whole bundle a bit cheaper.

  • 150 snapshots in following categories: Soundscapes (35), Textures (35), Drones (30), Pulses (10), Rises (15), Effects (25)
  • 128 samples - sound sources for generating presets in DRON-E
  • 236 samples - rendered presets from Ethernium for DRON-E + bonus samples from create during production
  • 236 Pigments/Analog Lab V presets
  • Ableton Live Pack with 9 instrument racks + 2 effect racks for generating drones and soundscapes
System Requirements
  • DRON-E 1.5 Ensemble which can be downloaded at Twisted Tools website
  • Native Instruments Reaktor - check requirements on provided DRON-E website (Reaktor 6+ recommended)
  • Ableton Live 11.1.6 for Ableton Live Pack and ~1GB of space
  • Pigments 3.7 for Pigments bank and ~2.5GB of space
  • Analog Lab V 5.5.0 for Analog Lab V bank and ~2.5GB of space
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