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Epic Impacts Vol. 1

Epic Impacts Vol. 1

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Epic Impacts Vol. 1 contains a huge arsenal of powerful and evocative impact sounds, split into different categories, ideal for Sound Designers and Composers looking for bold and unique effects to bring their projects to life.

To create this epic library, our Audio Craftsmen recorded sounds from instruments such as the guitar, piano, violin, zither and waterphone. We also recorded sounds of objects falling and hitting each other. We then layered analogue synths and manipulated the recordings to create unique sound effects. All the sounds were recorded in 24Bit 96KHz, allowing for additional sonic manipulation.

The pack includes a variety of general impact sounds as well as category folders which can be used in the genre you are working with. An incredible addition to any sound library.
Here are the included folders:

Abstract and Sci-Fi: Modulated and futuristic, these hits are ideal for Sci-Fi movies and video games.

Electronic Impacts: This category contains sounds with electronic elements and bass drops. Add extra weight to your mix with these deep and heavily crafted effects.

General Impacts: A collection of hits with wide use cases, perfect for trailers or dramatic moments that call for a more traditional impact sound.

Horror and Fantasy: Add anticipation and suspense with this collection of sounds designed from strange tones and abrupt effects, providing a mysterious edge to your productions.


290 MB, 230+ Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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