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Cymbals From Hell Vol. 2

Cymbals From Hell Vol. 2

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Cymbals From Hell Vol. 2 is a haunting collection of raw and designed gong sounds, brought to you as the successor to one of our most popular horror libraries to date. Crafted from various types of gong recordings, this library brings you the creepiest stingers and harshest resonances to terrorise your audiences.

Made in collaboration with Igor Tikhonov from KEDR Audio, who captured various types of gong sounds and several performances using both Mid-Side and omnidirectional A/B microphone techniques to encapsulate an expansive stereo-field and the richest gong textures.

Our Audio Craftsmen then meticulously edited and designed them to make the most frightening and disturbing sounds including harsh, distorted gong rumbles, horror stingers, low heavy gong rumbles, mangled hits, and much, much more.

All the sounds are extensively meta-tagged and are UCS complaint so you can easily find the sound you need and are in 192kHz/24bit allowing for further sonic manipulation.

Here are the included folders:

Raw Gongs: Creepy gong recordings including rumbles and hits in their raw state.

General: Designed horror stingers and risers.

Low: Heavy rumbles and stingers to give weight to your mix.

Harsh Risers: Distorted stingers, risers and rumbles.


6.60 GB, 141 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 192kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

UCS Compliant.

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