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Cymbals From Hell Vol. 1

Cymbals From Hell Vol. 1

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Cymbals From Hell is the seminal collection of bowed metal sound effects, crafted from recordings of both natural and broken cymbals. Bringing you the nastiest, gnarliest, and harshest set of design elements and raw recordings. Their dynamic range provides a palette that evolves and adapts over time.

All of the sounds have been recorded in a controlled studio environment and played by a professional percussionist, with the intention of providing the most dynamic range and disturbing playing style. Our Audio Craftsmen then meticulously designed and edited every included sound from the bizarre to the downright horrifying.

Cymbals From Hell contains a total of 197 files running at a huge 8.9GB. This library gives you everything you need to create compelling Horror and Sci-Fi soundscapes and add accents to your music, ideal for use in a wide range of projects. All sounds have been recorded in 24bit 96khz for further manipulation, and have been carefully edited so that you can easily drop them into your project timeline and get working right away.

Here are the included folders:

Bowed Cymbals: Harsh and dynamic bowed cymbals, perfect for musical or sound effects accenting.

Time Bending Risers: Sharp risers that have a feeling of movement in time.

Pulsating Dread Pads: The perfect Horror backdrops, built from organic elements.

Mind Bender Stingers: Warped cymbal effects that are equally at home in a Sci-Fi or Horror tracklay.

Metallic Oscillation Pads: The direct opposite of a Meditation Bowl, these sounds oscillate and move in an unnerving way.

Head Shaker Drones: Grit your teeth and cover your ears, these sounds warn of impending doom.

Gut Rumbler Subs: How low can we go? Very low. These sounds sit nicely under your tracklay and provide some serious sub frequencies.

Disturbing Risers: Distorted and mangled, these cymbals are bound to accent any jump scare with a dose of disturbing!

Bowed Alien Metals: Otherwordly vibes fused with a classic staple Horror sound.


8.9 GB, 197 Files.

Stereo/Mono WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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