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Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory

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Conspiracy Theory contains a wide selection of dynamic and varied sound effects that are inspired by the sonic trends found in contemporary documentaries on streaming services. These sounds include low booms, rhythmic ticks, radio voices, singing, pads, stabs, whistles, rumble whooshes, and production elements. They were crafted from both organic and digital sources to provide maximum versatility and variation. Our award-winning Sound Designers recorded and edited the sounds from string instruments, ethnic winds, percussion, digital/analogue synthesizers, and male vocalists. 

This library is your one-stop solution to sound/musical effects for modern documentaries and films that have a twist or tension. All effects were recorded in 24Bit 96kHz, allowing for further sonic manipulation. Perfect for Sound Designers and Composers, ideal for use in Film, TV and Game projects, and will make a perfect addition to your sound design arsenal. 

We looked at several documentaries as a reference for this library. These include The Last Dance, Cowspiracy, Inside Job, and Making a Murderer.

Here are the included folders:

Low Booms: Heavy and guttural, these booms will accent your most mysterious moments.

Pads: A range of feels and moods built into construction kits, that complement other music or work perfectly in isolation.

Production Elements: Glitchy digital effects that transition and enhance opening title sequences.

Rumble Whooshes: A set of rumble whooshes, perfect for transitioning out of different scenes/moments.

Stabs: Highlight your most shocking moments with organic and atonal instruments.

Ticks: Add tension and pace to your title sequence with a tick and a tock.

Whistles: Ethnic winds designed into unnerving and dynamic effects to fill background gaps under dialogue.

Singing Voices: Ethnic and exotic vocals add mystery to ancient history subjects, or alien landings.

Radio Voices: A suite of ‘sound-alike’ speeches/excerpts from tragic/mysterious events, processed to sound like authentic archive material.


2.1 GB, 135 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96kHz.

Extensive Metadata Included.

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