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Federico Soler Fernández

Complex Cinematic Scifi Sounds

Complex Cinematic Scifi Sounds

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Complex Cinematic Scifi Sounds focuses on outer space threats, dangerous expeditions to discover and explore other planets, and life within majestic spaceships. Perfect for futuristic shows, suspenseful slow-burns, alien contact narratives, and surreal scenarios.

All sample packs within the Complex Cinematic Series contain:

  • SCENES: Samples labeled “Full Mix”
  • ALT SCENES: Samples labeled “ALT”
  • STEMS: Samples labeled “STEM”

FULL SCENES: The result of combining all included STEMs into one fully finished piece ready to be imported into your project.

ALT SCENES: Stripped-down versions of the main scene showcasing different ways of combining the included stems for a less complex result.

STEMS: Each of the individual samples used in the creation of Full and ALT scenes with simple yet effective labeling for identification purposes.

Number of Files: 104 High-Quality WAVS (01:50:56)

Number of Scenes: 12

Number of Alt Scenes: 34

Number of Stems: 58

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