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Federico Soler Fernández

Complex Cinematic Horror Sounds

Complex Cinematic Horror Sounds

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A macabre mixture of authentic realistic recordings, physical modeling synthesis, and cutting edge sound design pieces featuring disturbing ambiances, unnerving toys, and dolls, doomful sub booms, petrifying wood, metal, and glass sounds, haunting drones, and sinister risers, reverses, suckbacks, whooshes, and transitions.

All sample packs within the Complex Cinematic Series contain:

  • SCENES: Samples with the prefix “V1”
  • ALT SCENES: Samples with the prefix “V2” or “V3”
  • STEMS: Samples with the prefix “STEM”

SCENES: These are sounds created by combining up to 10 different samples (also included in the pack) in order to achieve a full and finished piece ready to be imported into any project.

ALT SCENES: Stripped-down versions of the main scene showcasing different ways of combining the same or fewer elements for a less complex result.

STEMS: Each of the individual samples used in the creation of scenes and alt scenes with simple yet effective labeling for identification purposes.

Number of Files: 131 High-Quality WAVS (00:27:36)

Number of Scenes: 18

Number of Alt Scenes: 20

Number of Stems: 93

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