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Frozen Plain

Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit

Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit

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A comprehensive toolkit for atmosphere, horror and sound effects. 788 sounds in 6 sample-libraries. Powered by our sample-based-synth VST/AU, Mirage.

Take your cinematic music to another level with this vast sample-library collection containing instrument-samples, atmospheres and sound design. All hosted inside FrozenPlain’s sample-based-synth, Mirage (VST/AU included free), which offers outstanding ease-of-access and control over the sounds.

Create horror scores involving jump scares, ominous instrumentation and eerie atmospheres. Take the listener to otherworldly realms with dream-like atmospheres. Design the sonic backdrop for a dystopian setting. Or even craft distorted sci-fi action effects.

We’ve teamed up with Glitchedtones to create this collection of 6 sample libraries, featuring a total of 788 samples, each one playable as an ‘oscillator’ inside Mirage. As well as that, there are 300 carefully categorised presets that include sounds from all of the 6 libraries. These can be accessed using Mirage’s diverse randomisation features for spontaneous inspiration, or you can craft your own sounds using the 3-layer architecture, envelopes, filters, looping controls and a whole rack of effects.

Included sample libraries:

  • Abstract Energy – chaotic digital sound-design
  • Paranormal – horror scares, ghostly vocals and eerie textures
  • Scare Tactics – frightful atmosphere design
  • Dreamstates – dreamy and nightmarish atmospheres
  • Signal Interference – noise soundscapes
  • Feedback Loops – hard-hitting feedback FX and noise textures

An overview of Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit and its presets

Reverby bass sound design improvisation using Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit

Video explaining what Mirage is, and what its key features are

6 Sample Libraries

Abstract Energy

Chaotic Digital Sound-design

Digital chaos, turbulent atmospheres and cyber sound effects; Abstract Energy contains predominantly atonal sounds and one-shots that can be used for designing rich abstract textures/atmospheres and sound effects for sci-fi and horror; such as robotic machinery and dystopian industries. In total there are 60 ‘oscillators’ and 50 ready-to-go presets.

Feedback Loops

Hard-hitting Feedback FX and Noise Textures

Distortion, feedback and noise; add a harsh or brutal dimension to your next music production. Feedback Loops contains everything from brutal feedbacking hits and FX, to atmospheric noise textures. This shapable sound library is perfect for future technology sounds, horror atmospheres, corrupted audio flows and even powerful distortion scares. In total it contains 200 samples and 50 presets.

Signal Interference

Noise Soundscapes

Create rich sonic environments with Signal Interference, a sample library of long hums, buzzes and static noise. This sound-design library is excellent for designing soundscapes for sci-fi, dystopian and industrial environments. It’s also great for layering with other instrumentation; either for sound effects or for atmospheric music. Most of the samples that make up Signal Interference are atonal, however, there are also some semi-tonal sounds that have been tuned to musical pitches and can be used to create intriguingly beautiful pads. It’s based on 40 ‘sustain’ samples which can be used to construct your own patches. 50 production-ready presets are also included.


Dreamy and Nightmarish Atmospheres

Create otherworldly dream-like atmospheres with Dreamstates, an ambient sample library for Mirage. It features 120 samples, both multi-tone (chords) and single-tone, including sounds such as stretched-out swathes of noise, hazy, washed-out melodics, deep tension-invoking drones, unique transitions and Lo-Fi tones. As well as this, there are 50 production-ready presets which are made further playable by Mirage’s randomisation features. Dreamstates is perfect for scoring dream sequences, flashback scenes and for adding a sense of dreamy wonder to any genre of music.

Scare Tactics

Frightful Atmosphere Design

Scare Tactics is a collection of unsettling atonal textures, menacing drones, abstract hits, curious instruments and eerie transitions; providing all of the elements needed to construct convincingly creepy horror scenes full of dark ambience, jump scares and ominous presence. In total, there are 200 ‘oscillators’ as well as 50 production-ready presets.


Horror Scares, Ghostly Vocals and Eerie Textures

Inject a sense of fear, dread, despair or tension into your horror productions with Paranormal. Create ghostly sound effects, ominous atmospheres, jump scares and abstract percussive patterns with ease. Included are 50 production-ready presets that can be loaded from the browser or through one of the numerous randomisation options – ideal for spontaneous inspiration.


Sound-design by Glitchedtones

This toolkit was created in collaboration with Glitchedtones – who have a vast experience from creating over 20 professional sample libraries. We selected 6 of their existing audio-file packs and turned them into playable, shapable and controllable sound design tools that can be accessed from a single powerful interface. The process involved tuning the samples, organising them and designing 300 new presets. We feel that the result is a tool that acts like a hybrid between a synth and a sample pack – you have control to tweak the samples and design new blends, as well as the ability to play the original sounds. However, raw audio-files have their use too; you can still buy those here.


  • 300 presets, saved as separate mirage-preset files
  • Mirage sample-based synthesis engine included free
  • 6 Mirage libraries (closed format mdata file)
  • 1.3GB file download

Powered by Mirage

A free control-hub for FrozenPlain sounds

Mirage is a sample-based-synthesis VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac that comes free with any powered-by-Mirage product. It’s the control hub for FrozenPlain’s new sounds, offering a powerful set of parameters and effects for rapid, flexible sound design, no matter what the sound source is.

Once it’s opened up in your DAW, you’ll see all of your powered-by-Mirage products ready to click on and use instantly. There’s no subscription or log-in procedure, just instant access to the sounds and presets.

Access to free updates

By purchasing this product, or any powered-by-Mirage product, you gain access to updates with new features and improvements. These will almost always be completely free. We will ensure these updates never break backwards compatibility. This means as the capability of Mirage expands, your old DAW projects or presets will still work just like they used to.

If you already have Mirage, you can visit this page to download the latest version. It’s worth noting that Mirage has no use unless you have a Mirage library; in the current version, these can only be made with our internal tools.

Designed for sound layering

Mirage allows for up to three different sounds to be controlled separately and layered together. The layers in Mirage have the following controls unique to them: pitch, volume and pan, filter, volume envelope, LFO, EQ, sample loop settings and MIDI settings. These controls facilitate an incredible amount of manipulation over the original sound source.

A rack of built-in Effects

Built-in effects such as distortion, bit-crush, chorus and stereo widener can be used to enhance the sound with extra harmonics or extra simulated width. The compressor can be used to control dynamics or add punch, and the filter can be used to isolate just the frequencies you need.

Mirage also has reverb and delay effects for real space simulation. These are great for sound design too. One of the reverb effects is a convolution reverb; this is typically used to add a real-sounding reverberation to the signal by using a sample of a real space (AKA an impulse response). Mirage features both realistic impulse responses and abstract ones for creative sound design.

Designed to be played

Mirage enables you to turn samples into fully playable patches. The volume at both the layer level and the master level can be controlled with MIDI velocity. Sustain pedal (MIDI CC 64) is also fully supported, enabling you to hold notes using a foot pedal.

On top of that, any parameter in Mirage can be controlled by knobs or sliders on your physical MIDI controller. This is done by simply right-clicking the parameter, selecting ‘MIDI learn’ and then moving your controller. And of course, Mirage can also be automated by your DAW.

Minimum friction from your mind to your DAW

Mirage is designed to not get in your way. It is fast to load up and is CPU efficient. It has a vector-based GUI that can be resized so that it will work on any size screen. The controls are laid out intuitively, and a full description of what each control does can be viewed by hovering the mouse over it for a moment. Mirage also comes with a PDF user manual with all of the nitty-gritty details covered.

Use presets or create your own sounds

Mirage helps you with finding the right sound quickly. In a recent free update, Mirage received a built-in preset browser. This is a panel that can be opened up via a button at the top of the interface. All the presets are arranged in a clear list which can be navigated with the arrows keys on your keyboard as well as your mouse.

Useful randomisation

For spontaneous inspiration, Mirage features controls for useful randomisation. The first randomisation feature is a multi-mode button that loads a random preset. It can be set to work in one of three ways. Firstly, it can load any random preset at all – even of different libraries. Secondly, it can load a random preset that is of the same library that you currently have loaded. Or thirdly, it can load a random preset in the current preset folder (the folder might contain all bass presets for example).

The next randomisation feature is two buttons that load a random instrument for one or all of the 3 layers. This is excellent for quickly trialling a new sound source but keeping Mirage’s other parameters unchanged.


Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit is designed to be as accessible as possible to producers, composers, musicians and sound designers. You probably already have what you need if you are producing audio on a reasonably modern computer. There is one exception – Cinematic Atmosphere Toolkit is not available in the AAX plugin format yet, and so will not run in Pro Tools. Here are the specific requirements:


  • A computer running Windows 7 or higher. Mirage is available as a 32-bit and a 64-bit plugin. However, the installer needs a 64-bit machine. Virtually all Windows machines are 64-bit.
  • A host that can play either a VST2 plugin. Examples of such hosts are Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, Reaper, Reason, FL Studio, and many more. 


  • macOS 10.12 or higher. Both Intel chips and M1 chips are supported (universal binary).
  • A host that can play an AudioUnit v2 (AU) plugin. Examples of such hosts are Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, Reaper, Reason, FL Studio, Logic X, Garage Band, and many more. Logic 9 or older does not support AudioUnit v2 and so this product will not work in it.
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