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C Y P H E R - Neuro Madness for Vital

C Y P H E R - Neuro Madness for Vital

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After the success of M U T A N T - Modern Bass Design for Vital, it was time for a big sequel to come...

The border lines and mental barriers between reality and vivid illusions have been shattered, nightmares and fantasy creatures have been unfold: this is the C Y P H E R of Madness.

Fight your interior demons and discover this mad expansion pack for Vital: 100 presets deeply customizable with all 4 macros assigned, including the special CYPHER macro, and the modulation wheel as well for the heaviest and craziest savage neuro basses you can imagine.

You'll also find 100 matching processed sample loops, 50 custom wavetables, 25 custom noise samples, 27 custom LFO shapes and, as a special bonus, 10 AI artworks in line with the concept of the pack to inspire you straight away.

While it was mainly conceived for Bass Music heads, producing heavy genres like NeuroFunk D&B, Tearout Dubstep, CyberPunk, DarkWave, Bass House and so on, this pack lends itself to be an inspirational and imaginative sound design toolbox for other artists and multimedia composers alike.

This is my vision of futuristic bass music, trying to combine the power of modern technology with the power of human imagination.

Drums used in the demo are for illustrative purposes only and are not included

Pack Contents

  • 100 Neuro Bass presets for Vital, provided individually and as a bank.
  • All 4 Macros + Mod Wheel assigned for flexible customization of the presets
  • Special 'CYPHER' macro , present in each preset, to make patches even more extreme and insane
  • Description of the patches to gain insight on how they were made and how they can be used effectively
  • 100 sample loops key and tempo labelled to suit your projects and showcase the presets in action
  • 50 custom wavetables
  • 25 custom noise osc samples
  • 27 custom LFO shapes
  • 10 Bonus AI artworks
  • Artwork of the pack
  • 6 minutes Demo Mix
  • PDF Guide of the pack
  • 100% Royalty-Free sounds to use in your own productions

System Requirements

  • Latest version of Vital
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