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Berserk: Destructive Sounds for Serum

Berserk: Destructive Sounds for Serum

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Berserk is a set of sounds for Serum synthesiser. Included presets are focused on themes like aggression, destruction, tension, darkness and urgency. Useful for productions that requires big, energetic and 'in your face' sounds.

The main focus of this pack are drums and sequences but one will find some additional sounds in there like: soundscapes, impacts, swells and handful of basses. In addition to regular sounds there is also a set of preset templates available that might be useful as a starting point for your own sounds.


123 presets for Xfer Records Serum in categories:

  • Drums (23)
  • Pads and Soundcapes (23)
  • Sequences (28)
  • Signals and Impacts (15)
  • Swells and Rises (6)
  • Synth Bass (10)
  • Templates (18)

System Requirements

  • Latest version of Serum
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