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Beatbox Kits | Drum Sample Pack

Beatbox Kits | Drum Sample Pack

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We had a veteran beatboxer record himself then produced those sounds into a variety of creative and unique sample kits.

In a similar way to Ludere Kits, we challenged ourselves to transform these rudimentary sounds into 15 comprehensive kits in the styles of 80s Drum Machine, ASMR, Boombox, Drill/Grime, Dub, Future Bass, Glitch, House, Lofi, R&B, Retro Game, Robotic, Slams, Smashed & Trap.

Included are both 180 produced samples as well as the 95 dry source samples, so you too can challenge your production skills and sculpt your own signature sounds.

Produced Sounds: 30x Kicks, 30x Snares,15x Clap / Whips, 30x Perc, 30x Hats, 15x Bass, 14x FX, 14x Melodic One Shot, 2x Cymbal.

Dry Sounds: 9x Bass, 9x Breaths / Chants, 10x Shakers, 12x FX / Transitions, 6x Hats, 15x Kicks, 7x Open Hats, 7x Snaps, 10x Snares, 10x Toms

Total - 275x 48kHz 24-bit .wav files.
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