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Hydrophones are the perfect source of interesting sounds and textures, especially for further manipulations with their pitch and spectrum.

This library contains cool records with melting ice, drips, streamlets, bubbling, rain, fizz, underwater movement, submerging of hot or burning things and even heavy boiling (which destroyed my hydrophone completely). These textures sometimes sound completely out of this world and could spice up your SFX very nicely.

All records were made with 96KHz sample rate for further manipulations, categorized by their source for easy navigation and contains extensive metadata.

If you are looking for nice addition to your SFX production arsenal - this library is for you!

Main features:

- 63 tracks with variations
- Perfect source of unique textures for SFX production
- Created for further manipulation with spectrum and pitch
- Recorded with high quality of 96Khz/24bit
- Categorized by types of sound source: bubbles, drips, pour, ice, fire, fizz, stream and etc
- Contains metadata for search engines

Equipment used: JrF D-Series Hydrophone, Sound Devices MixPre 6

63 files
2 hrs
2 Gb
96Khz/24bit Mono
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