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Antique Gramophone

Antique Gramophone

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Take your projects on a journey through time with the sound effects from our brand new library, Antique Gramophone. Sounds created in this pack are from a genuine antique portable gramophone, manipulated in our acoustically treated Foley suite. Included in this pack is each of the wanted characteristics from an antique gramophone. Including; the needle sliding off the track, hand cranking, record scratches, slowing and speeding up the record and movement of the actual case itself.

Film-makers, Composers and sound designers alike; each sound within this library can be utilised creatively within any film or video game project. All sounds have also been recorded in 24Bit 96kHz and made UCS compliant with extensive metadata, helping to speed up your workflow and stay on track within the organisation of your session.

Each sample delivered to you will give you an authentic, historical gramophone sound. However, the high sonic quality delivered in this pack gives you the freedom to sound design to your heart’s content, letting your imagination run wild throughout history.


121 MB, 46 Files.

Stereo WAV, 24Bit 96Hz.

Extensive UCS compliant Metadata Included.

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