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Your Local Musician

Anthology (Electric Guitar Edition)

Anthology (Electric Guitar Edition)

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Anthology Electric Guitar Edition is a collaboration between George of Your Local Musician and Battl Beats.

Think of this pack as a Utility that will allow you to create custom chord progressions from Scratch and always stay in key.

This pack will help music producers, beat makers, and artists to create electric guitar chord progressions quickly and easily, if you don’t know much or if anything about music theory, using Anthology is an easy way to learn what chords fit into what key by using this pack to build the foundation of your instrumental, you will never go out of key again.

What’s Included In Anthology?

  • 2000+ Chords arranged into key
  • 100+ Guitar loops
  • 20 Pre-composed chord progressions
  • A FREE Instructional eBook

Writing chord progressions has never been easier…

With Anthology, we wanted to create an educational resource as well as a sample pack that you keep on coming back to for years to come.

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