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A R C A N E - Mystical Atmospheres for Pigments

A R C A N E - Mystical Atmospheres for Pigments

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"The fascination of the unknown dominates everything", Homer.

Conceptually sequel and complementary to A N G E L - Evocative Pad Design for Pigments, HydraTek proudly presents A R C A N E - Mystical Atmospheres for Pigments, an exploration through dark, surrealistic and mystical soundscapes, deep evolving drones, immersive and unusual pads, quirky, bizarre melodic sequences and more.

You'll find 100 carefully crafted presets for the latest version of Pigments, deeply customizable with all 4 macros and the modulation wheel assigned, including the special ARCANE macro, and with the advanced tooltips available for each patch inside of the synth to have all the key parameters and useful ranges at glance, for instant tweakability and further experimentation.

Those presets are built over the free C R Y P T I C expansion sample pack, containing 100 hand-made soundscapes and drones.

There are included also 100 samples and loops, built with the aforementioned presets for instant access and use, and 15 AI Artworks in line with the concept of the pack to inspire your audiovisual projects.

Built mainly with cinematic and ambient composers in mind, this soundpack will prove itself to be an inspiring companion for other multimedia artists as well such as game audio sound designers or creative electronic music producers.

Be brave and dive into the unknown...

Pack Contents

  • 100 presets provided as a bank.
  • All 4 macros + mod wheel assigned for deep customization of the presets.
  • Advanced Tooltips available for each patch.
  • Description + Tag system of the presets.
  • Special ‘ARCANE’ macro, present in each preset, to make the patch even more mysterious and mystical.
  • 100 One Shots & Loops, key and tempo mapped for instant use in your projects.
  • 15 Bonus AI Artworks.
  • Thumbnail artwork to appear in the synth’s browser.
  • Demo Track which showcases the pack's potential.
  • PDF Installation Guide of the pack.
  • 100% Royalty-free sounds to use in your own productions.
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