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3300 Presets: Anniversary Bundle

3300 Presets: Anniversary Bundle

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Patchmaker proudly presents “3300 Presets: Anniversary Bundle”, an epic collection of high quality presets, for advanced music production.

It’s been seven years since we started working with software synthesizers, so we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give you this bundle for a hugely discounted price!

Packed with inspiration presets spanning future bass leads, trap basses, dubstep wobbles, bigroom brasses, beautiful ambient pads, sharp sound effects, drums and percussion – these packs are available together for 90% off their individual pack prices!

This is an absolutely Any-Genre pack,that will took a lot of your time to explore this huge amount of presets, so prepare yourself to stay in the studio for months!

Grab the full bundle today and put some new inspiration and high quality sounds into your music!

The following products are included in this collection:

  • Unicorn Future Bass V
  • Chainlazerz – Future Pop
  • Unicorn Future Bass Chords for Cthulhu
  • Chainsmokerz
  • 500 presets: Massive
  • Marshmellow Future Bass
  • Chainsmokerz Vol.2
  • Major Lazerz
  • 250 presets: Prism
  • Unicorn Future Bass
  • Chainsmokerz Vol.3
  • Unicorn Future Bass | Serum & Razor
  • Future Bass for Sylenth1
  • Major Lazerz Vol.2
  • 500 PRESETS: FM8
  • Unicorn Future Bass Vol.2
  • Major Lazerz Vol.3
  • 500 Presets: Razor
  • Unicorn Future Bass Vol.3
  • Major Lazerz Vol.4
  • Unicorn Future Bass Chords 2 for Cthulhu

Pack Contents:

  • 766 Serum Presets
  • 831 Massive Presets
  • 564 NI Razor Presets
  • 500 FM8 Presets
  • 147 Sylenth1 Presets
  • 69 Spire Presets
  • 250 NI Prism Presets
  • 49 NI Monark Presets
  • 50 NI Spark Presets
  • 75 Cthulhu Presets (1764 Chords)
  • 243 MIDI Files
  • 109 Samples & Loops
Software Requirements:

Latest version of Serum, Massive, Spire, Sylenth1, Reaktor Or Reaktor Player, NI Razor, NI Prism, NI Monark, NI Spark
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