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Sick Noise Instruments

TRYPTICON | Native Instruments Kontakt Library

TRYPTICON | Native Instruments Kontakt Library

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TRYPTICON is a collection of sounds designed for hitech and psytrance music. With six distinct segments – Sound, Filter, ENV, Delay, Chorus, and LFO – it transcends being just a sound library; it's a versatile synth. Boasting over 100 ready-to-use sounds, including leads and special effects, TRYPTICON streamlines your production process by eliminating the need to spend time creating sounds. Simply modulate and unleash your track.

The sounds within TRYPTICON are dynamic, robust, and powerful, ensuring a seamless and efficient creative workflow. With three unique instruments – Machine Fx, Roboticon Fx, and Robo Hits FX – TRYPTICON departs from the conventional Kontakt instrument setup. Instead of a single sound per instrument, each KEY offers a different sound.

Machine Fx combines a variety of sounds and SFX, allowing you to effortlessly play different sounds in a single piano roll. It's an excellent tool for creating diverse leads in your tracks. Meanwhile, Roboticon FX delivers a group of sounds reminiscent of machines, adding a futuristic element to your compositions. Robo Hits FX consists of hits with distorted sounds and vocals, creating a robotic vocal effect.

TRYPTICON marks the inception of Sick Noise Instruments' library series. By investing in this product, you gain access to high-quality sounds and a robust library for your music production needs. The pack also includes WAV files for all sounds, providing flexibility for use outside of the TRYPTICON synth. Elevate your music with the unique sonic possibilities offered by TRYPTICON.

Inside of TRYPTICON is:

  • 13 Leads
  • 5 Keys
  • 25 Machine FX
  • 25 Roboticon FX
  • 11 Risers
  • 24 Robo Hits FX


  • This is Kontakt Library for FULL version of Kontakt. This library is not for Kontakt Player. TRYPTICON will work in 5.8.1 version of Kontakt and newer!
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