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West Wolf

Quiet Hotels At Night Vol. 2

Quiet Hotels At Night Vol. 2

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Quiet Hotels At Night Vol. 2 comprises the best pieces of several years of recordings. Imagine you are in a game or a security guard who is doing his regular tour. You find yourself in different corridors, rooms, and stairwells, even in the kitchen of a restaurant late at night. Through the recordings, you can experience a wide variety of settings – from riding a hotel elevator to looking around the lobby.

The idea of the library is to include a rich variety of room tones and quiet atmospheres very early in the morning, late in the evening, or at night. The atmospheres in hotels of different sizes and stages of construction are quite distinctive because of their different reverberation, density of walls, doors, etc.

Most of the library is focused around silence. You can hear photo-cell lighting at times, distant faint voices at others, or just sporadic sounds coming from places such as doors or footsteps from an upper floor. The stairwells are also very interesting as you can hear the sound of moving elevators stopping on another floor or the sound of pure electricity.

This library sequel also includes atmospheres from the interior of moving elevators. You will hear the sound of doors closing, traveling, and doors opening. Room tones from a handful number of bathrooms are included as well.

This library has been recorded in Eastern Europe and more specifically in Bulgaria which makes the atmospheres even more diverse and intriguing.

All of the files are carefully and thoroughly meta-tagged in UCS.

Gear used:

Recorders: Sound Devices 833, 664, Sony PCM D100, Zoom H6,

Microphones: Neumann KM184 mP, Usi Pro

Enjoy the night hotels.

Type: Room Tone sound effects / recordings
63 files • 63 sounds • 24 Bit /48, 96 kHz • 6.50 GB • Includes metadata
Duration: Approx.
238 minutes total


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