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D-Fused Sounds

Minimal Heart

Minimal Heart

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D-Fused Sounds are back again with another stunning pack, a fusion between '90 minimal (called sperimental at that times) and the actual micro house, now it's time of "Minimal Heart" !

In "Minimal Heart" we have blended techniques used from the first artists and labels that started this trend like Rechenzentrum, Akufen, Alva Noto, Mille Plateaux and shitkatapult (where the use of field recording, ambient sounds clicks and pops where the most and "common" used sounds along with a smooth kick), with recent tip techniques, some more melodic/synthesized content and as the final result we pulled out this really inspiring collection fuelled with glitch vox and found sounds, ambient field recordings and textures, clicks and cuts, domestic fx as well as synthesized sounds.

"Minimal Heart" features 85 Loops and 141 Hits served in WAV HD quality 44,1 kHz 24-Bit, tempo locked at 124 BPM and key labelled if possible; loops are mostly 2 bars and are so divided: 16 Bass Loops, 11 Music Loops, 9 Glitch Vox Loops, 21 Percussion Loops, 5 Clap Loops, 2 Rim Loops, 1 Snare Loop, 9 Hat Loops, 6 Kick Loops.

We have filled a good amount of ambient recordings, polished and triggered to create percussion loops and rhythmic textures along with resampled and glitched vox recordings, that's why we think you'll have a lot of fun making your music with "Minimal Heart"!

Please note that in the demo we have used the samples as they are, not further processing, just volume adjustment and limiter at the master to preserve the natural feel and swing this collection has to offer.

Pack Contents:
  • 16 Bass Loops
  • 11 Music Loops
  • 9 Glitch Vox Loops
  • 21 Percussion Loops
  • 5 Clap Loops
  • 2 Rim Loops
  • 1 Snare Loop
  • 9 Hat Loops
  • 6 Kick Loops
  • 11 Fx
  • 7 Ambient
  • 5 Texture
  • 5 Rhytmhic Textures
  • 10 Bass Hits in C key
  • 13 Clap Hits
  • 6 Rim Hits
  • 11 Snares Hits
  • 2 Zap Hits
  • 29 Smooth Kick Hits
  • 7 Click Hits
  • 5 Glitch Hits
  • 14 Perc Hits
  • 4 Crash Hits
  • 1 Tambourine Hit
  • 13 Hat Hits
  • 124 BPM
  • WAV 44.1 kHz 24-BIT
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