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FXS Collection

FXS Collection

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FXS Collection is the new Effect sounds sample pack designed by Sonicspore.

In this pack you will find experimental sound effects focused on glitches, textures, abstract atmospheres, impacts, downers, risers, noises, percussions, tonal reverse and more various effects.

FXS Collection is the perfect tool for the audio content creator.

With this pack you will have a great tool, very useful to enrich your projects.

Over 600 samples suitable for any electronic music genre, also a perfect Sample pack for video game developers and filmmakers!

All sounds are divided and distributed in appropriate folders and ready to use with just a simple drag and drop.


  • - 50 Abstract Atmos Textures
  • - 40 Downers Risers
  • - 50 Glitches
  • - 25 Impacts
  • - 25 Noises
  • - 50 Percussion
  • - 50 Squelces/Zaps
  • - 20 Tonal Reverse
  • - 300 Various

All audio files are Wav 24-bit and 44.1kHz format.

Total Files

  • 610
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